Rifhes en Doppler Radio



Rfs019 by Rifhes on Mixcloud

No olviden compartir este y todos los podcasts.

01.Optiv + BTK – Picture Perfect
02.Akov – Rubix
03.Fields + Sine + Mako – Masifi
04.Tajuus – Sun Device
05.Mayhem + Logam – Orion
06.Icicle ft. SPMC – Dreadnaught
07.Maztek – Slight Funk
08.Friction + K.Tee – Set It Off (Icicle remix)
09.Psidream – Crossed off
10.Noisia – Desolation
11.Mayhem + Impulse – Chamber (Mindscape remix)
12.Maldini – Party Time
13.Culprate – Diablo
14.Bohemian + Senzzor – Potion
15.Evoke – The Collective (Icarus + Rain remix)
16.Rockwell – Tripwire
17.Hybris – Keeping Me
18.Hybrid – Power Curve (Noisia Driveclub Remix) – See more at: http://rifhes.blogspot.mx/2015/05/rfs019.html#sthash.i8bv9vVL.dpuf

Rifhes en Doppler Radio

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